Leslie Barrett

Leslie Barrett

Go-to-Market Super Power: I'm passionate about the power of customer advocacy to create great experiences that deepen relationships, enhance customer satisfaction and, as a result, drive revenue. Putting the customer at the center of any GTM strategy. 

Work History

10+ years mastering the art and science of customer marketing. Recipient of the Top25 CMA Influencer and Strategist Award in 2022 and 2023, she’s scaled some of the top MarTech brands in the world through her proven methodologies and strategies.


A respected thought-leader in the customer marketing and advocacy & gifting spaces, Leslie’s proven, tailored marketing campaigns engage and retain customers, fueling profitable revenue growth.

Through her CMA Soulmate Newsletter and platform spanning LinkedIn and other social media platforms, she passionately promotes the importance of customer marketing, educating executives, marketers, and brands globally.

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