Doug Davidoff

Doug Davidoff

Go-to-Market Superpower: Scalable Business Growth: Systems thinking & Seeing things others miss. Building, managing, and optimizing business processes to make the entire customer acquisition and success program work better.

Work History

Doug is the founder and CEO of Lift Enablement. For more than 20 years, Doug has been advising small and mid-market companies that are committed to serious growth and want to hear the truth about achieving it. Doug’s worked firsthand with more than 1,500 companies that are committed to serious growth.

Before founding Lift Enablement, Doug worked in the travel industry, worked as a financial advisor with Merrill Lynch, and coached college baseball too. He combines deep business acumen with a wide variety of industry experiences to bring insights that not only motivate but drive change and growth.


  • Scalable Business Growth 

  • Strategic RevOps

  • CRM Implementation and Utilization

Customer Stories

“With Lift, you can guarantee a true partnership and an open line of communication; this is key for success with complex implementations.” Regina Takai, HubSpot

“Lift helped bring it all together! We had our sales, compliance, onboarding & customer support teams all working in silos. It was inefficient & frankly unsustainable. Lift helped to roadmap how these processes could easily flow from one group to the next while maintaining continuity and communication.” Debi Murphy, Qmerit

“The team at Lift is truly wonderful to work with! We spent time together doing some deep dives into what we were looking to accomplish with launching HubSpot for our business. In addition to mapping out our path to reach our goals, they even suggested some things for our business that we hadn't previously considered possible or even imagined. They are always responsive and willing to jump on a call with not only anyone at our company but also any of our other website, ERP, or service partners, to discuss anything necessary for the success of our team. I highly recommend Lift Enablement as a solutions partner in your HubSpot journey.” Brent Campbell, Mungo Homes

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