B2B Go-to-Market Needs Serious Help

It’s clear that we’re at a major inflection point. Brand spam is rampant, the quality of content has plummeted, channels are super crowded. Nothing works as well as it used to.


People-first GTM is business strategy that uses storytelling, relationships, and partnerships to create, capture, and convert demand into revenue. It’s designed to put people at the center of every interaction and experience. 

It does this by transitioning a business from a company-first operating model to a people-first model.

Using three channels, three types of offers, and an overall partnership strategy. 

Each channel is designed to create, capture, and convert demand at different stages of the customer journey. The offers give a business infinite ways to create value and build trust with buyers and customers.

Each channel becomes more efficient when you partner with others. And each offer should ideally be crafted through a partnership with other people or businesses.

Partnering with people are at the heart of the model. 




How to Get Started in Eight Steps

People-first GTM Get Started

Chart a New Go-to-Market Strategy