Melissa Meredith

Melissa Meredith

GTM Superpower: Leveraging data to drive marketing success.

Work History

With 10+ years of experience in the world of marketing, I've honed my skills in campaign execution and Google Analytics to drive impactful marketing initiatives. I've led full-service marketing teams, specializing in content strategy, creation, and management for clients across various industries. Through strategic consulting, I've provided tailored solutions to clients in the B2B sector, leveraging my expertise in brand development, content strategy, and marketing analytics. Additionally, I've led the development of comprehensive marketing strategies, overseeing social media efforts, and managing marketing collateral to enhance brand visibility and drive business growth.

My experience extends to contract roles, such as serving as a Sr. Strategy Planner at MRM and a Marketing Associate for Strategic Partnerships at Salesforce, where I contributed to the development of holistic marketing strategies, crafted compelling messaging, and managed partner marketing assets. Moreover, my time in various client roles allowed me to lead the creation of content departments, develop content strategies, and execute multi-channel marketing campaigns, further solidifying my expertise in content marketing and brand strategy. Through these diverse roles, I've demonstrated a strong ability to drive results, foster collaboration, and deliver innovative marketing solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each client and organization. 


Content Strategy, Content Development, Content Management, Marketing Audit, Marketing Channel Implementation & Development, Data & Analytics