Share Your Genius

Share Your Genius

Go-to-Market Superpower: We craft meaningful connections, create stories worth sharing, and build community.


It's never just a podcast - we craft meaningful connections, create stories worth sharing and build community.

Our team is rooted in content and brand marketing, driven by the profound belief that businesses hold the potential to drive meaningful change and lasting impact. We approach the development and execution of brand podcasts with an unwavering commitment to a content-first mindset.

Impact-driven brands collaborate with us because we help them tell their unique stories effectively, right from the start, using the power of a podcast.

Rachel Downey

Rachel Elsts Downey

  • Founder, creating brand podcasts
  • Raising great humans
  • Breaking through ceilings


Jillian Hoefer

Jillian Hoefer

  • Strategic lead & producer, sprinkling storytelling magic
  • Making brand un-bland
  • (Probably) your biggest fan
Katie Mills

Katie Mills

  • Strategic lead & producer
  • Professional hype girl
  • Marketer, creator, & brand storyteller
Amanda Smith

Amanda Smith

  • Strategic lead & producer, magnetic storyteller
  • Believer of magic
  • Creating brand shows

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