On Demand Go-to-Market Strategy and Execution 

Meet the TACK Crew. A team of B2B go-to-market experts with a combined 150+ years of leadership and operating experience. We've been there done that. 

On Demand GTM experts to help you start and scale. Experts at People-first GTM, the TACK Crew can help you find the right course for nearly any go-to-market challenge at any stage of a company.

People-first GTM Experts

Meet the TACK Crew

Kyle Pitocchelli

GTM Superpower: Mapping creativity to business outcomes

Hana Na

GTM Superpower: Tenacity and Performance Marketing 

Campfire Labs

GTM Superpower: Producing expert-level stories and thought leadership

Corrina Owens

GTM Superpower: Account-based Marketing

Colleen Koslosky

GTM Superpower: Storytelling with data

Leslie Barrett

GTM Superpower: Customer Advocacy 

Minot Light Consulting

GTM Superpower: Expert GTM problem solvers 

Stephanie Pennell

GTM Superpower: Relationship Building

Bryan Grover

GTM Superpower: Audience Development 

Jit Chakladar

GTM Superpower: Creative Systems for GTM Teams

Amber Picotte

GTM Superpower: Qualified Leads 

Tyler Pleiss

GTM Superpower: Using data to drive decision-making

Satya Gadepalli

GTM Superpower: Data-driven demand gen to drive pipeline

Dani Hao

GTM Superpower: Turning connections into conversions

Share Your Genius

GTM Superpower: We craft meaningful connections, create stories worth sharing and build community

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